The Notebook

Anti-slavery newspaper publisher William Goodell’s assortment of newspapers and pamphlets are a part of the Anti-Slavery Collection in Oberlin College Library Special Collections. This notebook shows the handwritten notes of William Lloyd Garrison, which became the founding document, “Declaration of the Anti-Slavery Convention.” It was presented in 1833, in Philadelphia, to establish a new national anti-slavery movement.

This notebook, donated to the college by Goodell’s daughter, Maria G. Frost, broadened the college’s collection. The effort was strengthened when Frost, her son, Oberlin Professor William Goodell Frost, and others called for donations in a February 29, 1884, newspaper ad. The request asked residents to donate postcards, pamphlets, letters, and other items to chronicle the anti-slavery movement.

Image Courtesy of Oberlin College Library Special Collections

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Oberlin is a place of
intense energy and creativity,

built on a foundation of
academic, artistic, & musical excellence.
With its longstanding commitments to
access, diversity, & inclusion,
Oberlin is the ideal laboratory in which to
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Oberlin is the only institution
where a top-ranked liberal arts college
and a world-renowned conservatory of music
share a seamless student culture & campus,
including an art museum
that is known as one of the best in the country.

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Oberlin has been on the front lines
of changing the world for almost two centuries,
often serving as the prototype for progress
even in the face of strong resistance.

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When you ask our alumni
what they value most

about their Oberlin experiences, most will say
their life-long relationships with our faculty.
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Green issues are of critical importance to us.
We have partnered with the city of Oberlin
to develop the ultimate working model of
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